Our coffee

supercoffee works with Concord-based roaster Classic Gourmet, the supplier of both our espresso and brew coffee beans.

Our espresso is Classic Gourmet’s Super Bar.  The ultimate bar-style espresso, it has a rich mouthfeel, nutty notes and a dark chocolate finish. It’s a roast consisting of six different beans from small plantations around the world. Four are from Central & South America – Brazil, Colombia, Peru & Mexico, one is from Uganda and one from India.

Our brew coffee is a custom blend we call Mountain Climber.  It consists of five different beans from Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ethiopia.

More about our roaster…

Founded in 1974 by John Rufino, Classic Gourmet is one of Ontario’s finest roasters – selecting and blending the best beans the world offers. It’s a family-run business with a team that believes in supporting and servicing Toronto’s independent coffee shops. That’s why we like them so much. That and the way they source and roast their coffee. From the coffee plantations to your cup, Classic Gourmet makes a conscious effort to ensure their practice is ethically and environmentally sound. They purchase only the finest coffees available and pay beyond market value, rewarding the growers for their skill and dedication to producing exceptional coffees.

Once the beans are here, they’re roasted in a facility that’s powered by 100% renewable energy, through Bullfrog Power’s natural means of wind and hydro electricity generation. Carbon emissions have always been an unfortunate yet unavoidable byproduct of the roasting process, but Classic’s unique system allows them to reduce emissions and fuel consumption by as much as 77% as compared to conventional systems.

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